Monday, December 29, 2014

Making the Season Last

Hello Brookie the Brave friends, it has been a while since I have posted, holiday happenings and the struggle of a special needs life have prevented me from blogging but before this year ends I wanted to share a few things our family has done, and learned this holiday season.

First off, serving others just feels good. In an effort to bring more to our family life, Ryan and I have involved our girls in several service projects this season. It has been so wonderful! Whether it was volunteering at a food bank or decorating trees at the hospital, we as a family wanted to give back, for so many have reached out to us since we have had our special Brooke. It has been one of our best Chrismases and we hope to continue to make service a regular part of our family life. 

Secondly, family is most valuable and we need to treasure our time together. Having a child with a limited life span has a way of putting every memory, every moment just a little more important, more poignant. While families have their ups and downs, their differences good and bad, we have learned how important it is to forgive, forget and just love. It is a work in progress and sometimes it is hard but this year we feel especially grateful for the family we have all around us. My kids are so lucky to grow up with cousins close by!

And thirdly, we Miller's are grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ. We love Him, we honor Him, and because of Him we know our sweet Brookie can someday be made whole. His love and comfort  surrounds us as we try to raise our girls and we are eternally grateful. 

So as 2015 approaches and new resolutions are made, we are trying together to keep this feeling of love and gratitude in our hearts. Happy New Year friends, cherish your loved ones and do something good for another. See you more in 2015!

-- Brit

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  1. DeLovely. Just look at the beauty you make from ashes. Praying, never ceasing, for your spirit to continue to soar...I do know that you continually make a choice to be content and joyful. Well done.



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