Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer, summer, we love summer!

Miller summer 2014

In an effort to remind the Miller girls of how fun filled their summer has been, I want to highlight some of the fun things we have been up to.

My girls are on a modified year round school schedule so our summer is 8 weeks. And we try to live it up! I love having kids over, nothing makes me happier than the smell of sunscreen and giggles of happy girls. I always am carting around extra friends, I want my kids to have memories of me being a fun mom. Not gonna lie, some days have been crazy but it has been a fun, memorable summer. Here are our top ten moments from the Miller summer 2014-

1. cabin trip! It has become an annual tradition to head up north to the family cabin with some of our Miller cousins. Cooler weather, crafts, quad rides, movies, card games, hikes... Bliss

2. Pool! in a effort to stay sane and cool in this AZ heat we finally caved and bought the girls an above ground pool. Super classy , super fun. It has been the hit of the neighborhood. Best $200 spent at this house. Here are just some of the pool parties and play dates we have had...

3. SUNSPLASH! I bank my nursing hours in the summer since being out in the heat all day is too much for Miss Brookie. We got season passes to a super fun waterpark and we go weekly, sometimes more, with fun friends. Definitely doing it again next summer, I  love it too! 

4. Getting together with friends we don't always get to see! My girls have neighborhood friends, school friends, church friends, old friends, and with different schedules it can be hard to get together. I love summer days where we can meet up and do fun things together. Here are just a few...


5. Spending time with Brookie. This girl has had the greatest summer. Happy, decent sleep ( better not be jinxing myself here), loves the girls home, loves the pool, just loves doing what we do. I just Love Being her mom!

6. July 4th! One of my favorite holidays, Independance Day calls for lots of celebrating! Here are some highlights 

7. Celebrating our sweet friend Brianne's end of cancer, no more chemo journey! So thankful she made it through and for her positive example. Her " No More Chemo " party was super fun!

8. Summer movies! Thank goodness for the weekly summer movie, the movie cups and Harkins popcorn shirts. They have summer entertainment for kids down pat!

9. Good ole family time! We are stuck together forever so I am glad when it's happy.


10. It is almost over!!! School starts Monday, and while it has been a serious blast, Mommy is tired. I will miss these crazies and our fun summer days!

- I make a lot of mistakes as a mother but, I hope my children will remember I tried my best to make their lives happy ones. - Brit

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